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Dairy deception

When it comes to eliminating dairy, some products are a no-brainer. Cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream and cow’s milk all become glorious memories from days of yore. But you may be surprised to learn that dairy derivatives including casein, butter fat or whey have been added to many of the foods you love. Sneaky, we know. For those who are lactose intolerant (rather than severely allergic) the amount added is usually slight enough to stomach. However, when it comes to eating well knowledge is power– so here’s a list of foods unexpected foods that often contain hidden dairy.

–          Prepared bread crumbs

–          Processed sandwich breads (both white and wheat)

–          Crackers

–          Granola

–          Deli meats such as ham or turkey

–          Protein bars

–          Margarine

–          Breath mints and chewing gum

–          Peanut butter

Dairy is excellent at disguising itself, much like a ninja or carmeleon.

Now, we would never suggest that you should painstakingly fret over every little thing you eat. You’ve got to live after all! What we DO believe that when going dairy-free it pays to be alert and always keep a careful eye on the ingredients listed on the nutritional panels.




Fake it and you’ve made it!

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed a weekend of sporadic sunshine and eating good food!

Two years ago I went to New York City and visited the most amazing vegetarian restaurant . It specialised in mock meat and we stuffed ourselves with fake buffalo wings, fake steak and fake chicken burgers-it was de-li-cious. My sister’s boyfriend however is a self confessed carnivore and we highly doubt that he would go near a vegetarian restaurant no matter how many insults and threats are shouted at him…(us women have to use tactic!), so we decided to take the easy option and not tell him that the meat was fake. Yes we told him at the end of the meal where he turned pale and told us he felt “cheated” and betrayed (but we never directly said it was fake?), but during the meal, he was raving on about how delicious the food (meat) was.

The point here is that whether you are vegetarian and cannot eat meat, are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy, or if you have coeliac disease and cannot eat gluten, there is so much fake stuff on the market for you to eat instead!

Here are a few of my favourites.

1. Toffutti “Better than cream cheese” cream cheese

Yes the name says it all. I bought this beautiful product at Coles when I was dieting and trying to eliminate excessive amounts of dairy from my diet. It is spectacular. Many substitutes, aka ‘Fake’ products are watered down, off-putting versions of the real thing but my oh my this was some exception! The texture was thick and creamy but didn’t leave you with that heavy feeling in your gut (guilt?) after you consume a high fat product like authentic cream cheese. In fact, I could eat this by the spoonful and still cream in my mouth! (excuse the pun) The entire container contained only 7 grams of fat and 120 calories. This product is soy based and therefore lasts forever in the fridge. The only thing to note about this product is that it DOES look like plastic, as in it looks like it has been bleached overly white…but I’m sure it’s just the soy? Either way, highly recommended.


2. Tofurky’s pepperoni pizza 

I have always found the concept of fake meat to be extremely interesting…I started eating it just because it was so WEIRD. How can a product look like meat, taste like meat but be made of soy, tofu, vegetables and anything other than meat? The food scientists have managed to mould products to the point that when you bite into a fake meat chicken nugget, you can see the strings of ‘chicken’ instead of it being a big blob of soy fakeness.

It is always good to decrease your intake of meat every now and then-for the vegetarians, I just recommended Toffutti and now I am recommend Tofurky. Tofurky is king. Tofurky has everything from ham, pepperoni, burger patties to sausages. My recommendation is their pepperoni pizza.


3. Soynut Butter

Peanut Butter is a product that has been embedded pretty strongly into our culture. Everywhere people rave about peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, peanut butter and celery, peanut butter and meat pie…(jokes…but I’m sure some people do it?) people tend to enjoy putting peanut butter on anything! You no longer need to feel like you are missing out on with this faux peanut butter product. Soynut Butter’s line has chocolate flavoured peanut butter, chunky textured and creamy textured. It tastes just like peanut butter but even better, and without the high density of fat! Have I convinced you yet?


So there you have it. There is no more need to feel like you are missing out on anything really with the crazy inventions that our food technicians have created for us.

Fake it and you’ve made it!

Enjoy your sunday night,


Taking action

Have you ever ventured to a new coffee shop to purchase your daily cup of joe only to be charged an outrageous amount for soy milk? Us too! Despite the fact that many Australians have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance, most cafes and restaurants are still enforcing a 30-70 cent surcharge. Here at ingrediEAT, we believe there’s no point complaining about an issue if you’re not willing to do something about it. That’s why we have created a petition to eliminate the surcharge for soy milk and stop alienating coffee drinkers who suffer from lactose intolerance. After receiving 100 signatures we plan to send the completed petition to the Australian Coffee Traders Association Inc, an organisation dealing with important issues within the Australian coffee industry. The petition has already attracted a great response and so far we have received 12 signatures. Here are some of the reasons our supporters have cited for joining the fight for soy milk equity:

Yes, someone admitted to us that non-soy milk gives them the runs. But every signature counts, and that’s why we need you guys to chip in and have your say! To sign the petition click here: http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/australian-coffee-traders-association-inc-stop-the-extra-charge-for-soy-milk-at-cafes-and-restaurants


A weighty issue

When Miley Cyrus dropped a significant amount of weight from her already slim frame this April, tongues immediately started wagging about a potential eating disorder. Miley dismissed this claims, insisting that she had dropped the kilos as a result of eliminating gluten and dairy from her diet. While the singer/actress/serial dieter added that she is allergic to these products, she also recommended that everyone does the same. Yes, it is true that gluten and dairy foods are often high in carbohydrates or fat, making it a no brainer to reduce these levels when trying to shift some kilos. However, there is much research to suggest that banning entire food groups in a plight to lose weight can actually do more harm than good. Gluten free products, for instance, can have a much higher kilojoules and sugar content than its gluten-containing counterparts. This is because manufacturers may be forced to include less-than-wholesome additives to try and replicate the taste of the original product. Gluten free alternatives also tend to be lower in nutrients including iron, zinc and folate.

Slim and slimmer- Miley Cyrus before and after her diet overhaul.

Waving goodbye to dairy can also make it challenging to sustain a balanced diet. Products like cheese, milk and yoghurt are rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D and minerals including phosphorus.  Luckily, most of these health benefits can also be attained by chowing down on things like eggs and tofu. However, many dieters seem to turn to alternatives like soy, not realising that these can contain an equal amount of sugar (or even more) than full-fat dairy products. Now, it goes without saying that the Ingredieat team would never try to deter you from experimenting with gluten and dairy free foods and drinks. After all, showing you just how exciting and accessible this lifestyle can be is our ultimate goal. Our only bone to pick with Miley’s claims is that ‘EVERYONE’ should try out a gluten and dairy free diet. We believe this should only be taken on as a result of allergies, intolerances or a desire to FEEL better, not as a short-term weight loss fix.

What are your thoughts on this contentious issue, Ingredieaters? Have you ever considered nixing gluten and dairy to lose weight quickly?


Sooooyyyy expensive!

Hi everyone!

As well as being food fanatics, Emma and I are openly professional havoc makers. But we think today we have some reason to be. Today I was having brunch (ricotta honeycomb pancakes with a big breakfast on the side) when I looked at the drinks menu for my caffeine hit. What did I see?



For those who are intolerant to dairy, it can often be a tough life. Dairy is in almost everything, often soy is the way to go for the lactose intolerant. But why should those who cannot stomach cow’s milk have to suffer the consequences by having to pay extra? It does not take an economist to figure that this is simply a money grab.

Of course soy has a slightly higher market price than regular cow’s milk in the supermarket, but do cafe owners really use their brain? Wouldn’t they reap the benefits of having regular, loyal lactose intolerant customers if they did not charge an extra average fifty cents for a small shot of milk?

Watch for a petition coming soon.

What is the most you have ever had to pay for soy milk? Does it put you off from visiting the cafe again? Let us know!

Happy Friday