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Travelling does not need to be terrifying!

Being somebody that travels a lot myself, I know how hard it is to be picky with your food in another country. This difficulty could potentially be a lot more difficult if you have a food intolerance! Foreign countries may not always understand your language, room service is always prepared behind closed doors and some places simply want to take short cuts out from helping you!

It is so important that you do not let your allergies get in the way of you having the time of your life away however, which is why we have a quick guide for you here.

1. Choose where to go- For people with food allergies, often deciding on a destination requires some extra planning and thought. If you have a peanut allergy, perhaps a remote village in Vietnam or Thailand is not the way to go…this being said, if this is what you want, perhaps discuss your travel options and safety plan with your Doctor before making final decisions.

2. Research local hospitals and medicare- Just to give you a peace of mind before you leave!

3.Carry hand wipes-Washing your hands frequently is a great way to prevent accidentally coming into contact with allergens. But when you’re traveling you can’t count on having access to soap and running water. A good supply of hand wipes ensures that you can clean your hands and wipe any eating utensils that may have come in contact with foods that may cause a reaction.

4. Pre-Pack Safe food-if possible, bring safe food to last you until at least the beginning of your trip. If you are in an area where it is not easy to purchase or order allergen-free food, stock up on food supply! Sometimes if you are travelling internationally, it is hard to be able to read labels at local grocery stores.

5. Make sure your travel insurance covers you-Most travel insurance covers pre-existing cases such as food allergies without any extra surcharge. To be sure, we know that Mondial and Aussie Travel Cover are very food-allergy friendly.

6. Download a restaurant card! Restaurant cards like this one are available in 51 languages for Coeliacs are a great way for restaurants to take you seriously.

I hope that this guide has helped you and that you have safe and happy travels, filled with good food for you Ingredient savvy Ingredieaters!



Thank you Coles!

There are good things in life, and then there are GREAT things that follow. We think that Coles has a great thing going on as they team up with Coeliac Australia. Here at IngrediEAT, we believe that everybody should be treated the same, food allergy or no food allergy, which is why we completely support Cole’s member discount card.

Every month, Coles will post up discounts on certain gluten-free products. Registration takes less than a minute and every month the offers shall change so you will never get bored of the gluten-free goodness Coles has to offer!

To claim your card, click here




Fake it and you’ve made it!

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed a weekend of sporadic sunshine and eating good food!

Two years ago I went to New York City and visited the most amazing vegetarian restaurant . It specialised in mock meat and we stuffed ourselves with fake buffalo wings, fake steak and fake chicken burgers-it was de-li-cious. My sister’s boyfriend however is a self confessed carnivore and we highly doubt that he would go near a vegetarian restaurant no matter how many insults and threats are shouted at him…(us women have to use tactic!), so we decided to take the easy option and not tell him that the meat was fake. Yes we told him at the end of the meal where he turned pale and told us he felt “cheated” and betrayed (but we never directly said it was fake?), but during the meal, he was raving on about how delicious the food (meat) was.

The point here is that whether you are vegetarian and cannot eat meat, are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy, or if you have coeliac disease and cannot eat gluten, there is so much fake stuff on the market for you to eat instead!

Here are a few of my favourites.

1. Toffutti “Better than cream cheese” cream cheese

Yes the name says it all. I bought this beautiful product at Coles when I was dieting and trying to eliminate excessive amounts of dairy from my diet. It is spectacular. Many substitutes, aka ‘Fake’ products are watered down, off-putting versions of the real thing but my oh my this was some exception! The texture was thick and creamy but didn’t leave you with that heavy feeling in your gut (guilt?) after you consume a high fat product like authentic cream cheese. In fact, I could eat this by the spoonful and still cream in my mouth! (excuse the pun) The entire container contained only 7 grams of fat and 120 calories. This product is soy based and therefore lasts forever in the fridge. The only thing to note about this product is that it DOES look like plastic, as in it looks like it has been bleached overly white…but I’m sure it’s just the soy? Either way, highly recommended.


2. Tofurky’s pepperoni pizza 

I have always found the concept of fake meat to be extremely interesting…I started eating it just because it was so WEIRD. How can a product look like meat, taste like meat but be made of soy, tofu, vegetables and anything other than meat? The food scientists have managed to mould products to the point that when you bite into a fake meat chicken nugget, you can see the strings of ‘chicken’ instead of it being a big blob of soy fakeness.

It is always good to decrease your intake of meat every now and then-for the vegetarians, I just recommended Toffutti and now I am recommend Tofurky. Tofurky is king. Tofurky has everything from ham, pepperoni, burger patties to sausages. My recommendation is their pepperoni pizza.


3. Soynut Butter

Peanut Butter is a product that has been embedded pretty strongly into our culture. Everywhere people rave about peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, peanut butter and celery, peanut butter and meat pie…(jokes…but I’m sure some people do it?) people tend to enjoy putting peanut butter on anything! You no longer need to feel like you are missing out on with this faux peanut butter product. Soynut Butter’s line has chocolate flavoured peanut butter, chunky textured and creamy textured. It tastes just like peanut butter but even better, and without the high density of fat! Have I convinced you yet?


So there you have it. There is no more need to feel like you are missing out on anything really with the crazy inventions that our food technicians have created for us.

Fake it and you’ve made it!

Enjoy your sunday night,


It’s getting hot in here!

Phew…yesterday was a scorcher! Everywhere there were lines for Starbucks Frappucinos and the Slushee machines at 7/11 were used to exhaustion!

But why fill ourselves up with drinks dense in sugar and fat when we can make something equally as refreshing, healthy (and cheaper) at home?

Here is a recipe for those who may wish to try a dairy-free concussion of ice and almonds…yum!

Almond Iced Coffee


-150 g Almond Kernels

-4 Fresh Dates, Pits removed

-2 Ripe Bananas

-1 Tbsp Instant Coffee

-1 Tbsp Pure Honey

-1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

-4 Cups Ice


  1. Place almonds in a bowl and cover with water. Set aside to soak for 2 hrs. Drain and discard water.
  2. Place almonds, 2 cups water and dates in a blender. Blend until smooth. Strain through a fine sieve, discarding solids.
  3. Return almond milk and remaining ingredients to blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into serving glasses. Serve immediately.

Easy as 1,2,3! (literally 🙂 )

Stay cool!



How fast is too fast?

Whether you love it or hate it, Fast food is everywhere! Our Multinational Companies are banging these joints out by the hundreds each year, but ultimately these can be death traps for those with food allergies. There are pro’s and con’s to the fast food situation- Pro’s: if you request that something be free of eggs/cheese etc, and you do get sick because they have not listened to your instructions, you can sue these joints big time. Cons? These joints get hundreds of visitors a day, and there is a reason why they are called FAST food joints. With the hustle and bustle of visitors coming in and out and workers rushing around, there is a lot of room for mistakes.

Whilst browsing the net however, I found a story that was quite refreshing regarding one person’s experience with McDonalds and how they respected her food allergy. As the food Allergy Assistant says:

Here are a few tips we’ve learned about ordering at fast food restaurants:

  • Avoid the drive-through.
  • Try to arrive at less busy times.
  • Be clear about the food allergies and what you need for them to do.
  • Model a consistent dialogue and tone knowing that your child will eventually need to order for him/her self
  • Watch the food preparation.
  • Don’t hesitate to alert the manager if you are uncomfortable with anything you’ve seen.
  • Thank the employees for their extra efforts.

Click here to see the full article.

Whether you think Ronald is a devil or an angel, always be careful when it comes to fast food decisions!


Image Image

Is Ronald a beast or best friend?

Don’t YOLO for FROYO!

Here at Ingredieat, we aim to educate and advise those with food allergies, however we also aim to teach the general public about the ingredients in food, allergies or no allergies. This is why we are shifting the limelight today on a little craze called Frozen Yoghurt.

Does anybody recall the Seinfeld episode ‘The Non-Fat Yoghurt’? Here is a little clip to jog your memory.

As satirical as this episode was, with everybody in New York gaining weight as they believed that they were eating the healthiest thing alive with no consequences to the waist line, it is sadly a reflection to what we are all facing today. Frozen Yoghurt is everywhere! Every suburb has their own Frozen Yoghurt joint (With Chatswood having five competing against each other, each a two minute walk a part) and people are eating these bad boys by the BUCKET full.

The trick to the success of Frozen Yoghurt (besides their delicious taste) is the fact that it is marketed to be 99% Fat Free. Great right? Not exactly-one key lesson you must learn today is that when something is 99% Fat free, it is usually loaded with 150% sugar, this is definitely the case with Frozen Yoghurt.

In an experiment between Ice Cream and Frozen yoghurt, it was found that a cup of Ice Cream contained 30 grams of sugar and 14 grams of fat. A cup of Frozen Yoghurt in comparison contained 6 grams of Fat and 37 Grams of sugar. 37! Add in the toppings of MnMs, Gummy Bears, and those strange Mochi Balls and you have a recipe for future diabetes (and sugar shock!)

We are not trying to be fun spoilers, food nazis or whatever here, but just a tip for those who do treat themselves occasionally to Frozen Yoghurt-opt for the small size! One of the largest sizes of Frozen Yoghurts is sure to contain more sugar than two soft drinks combined, and go eaaaaasy on the toppings-perhaps some strawberries and lychee might beat the gummy bears, oreos, tim tams, yoghurt drops, honey comb pieces….okay we don’t want to be here all night.

If it’s 99% Fat Free, it must be good for you…right?….

Enjoy your Wednesday!


What’s for dinner?

We have said it once and we’ll say it again-your food allergy does not need to be a life ruiner! As long as you stay smart and savvy, it should be smooth sailing.

Here is a list we have found from of the best gluten-free restaurants in Sydney.

You have no more excuses to be hungry! Check out the list here:


Product of the week

There is a myth that Gluten-Free products do not taste good as the “Real thing” (what constitutes the “Real Thing” anyway!?) I have therefore attempted to have a week of eating gluten-free products myself. It cost me a bit more out of my pocket but I have definitely discovered some amazing products. One I would like to showcase is Three Bean’s Gluten-Free choc mud cookie.

Where? These bad boys are found across most Three Bean’s cafes across Sydney. One cafe that definitely stocks them is the one next to Mamak on Eat Street in Chatswood.

Price? $3.80. Sure they are a little pricey for a cookie, but these are oh so worth it.

Taste? This cookie literally melts in your mouth (maybe because it is made probably of 70% dark chocolate). It is rich but light at the same time as it crumbles in your mouth. I don’t know if it is just me but I find they have a subtle mint texture to them as well.

Why are you still reading this? Go out and try one for yourself right now!



Sooooyyyy expensive!

Hi everyone!

As well as being food fanatics, Emma and I are openly professional havoc makers. But we think today we have some reason to be. Today I was having brunch (ricotta honeycomb pancakes with a big breakfast on the side) when I looked at the drinks menu for my caffeine hit. What did I see?



For those who are intolerant to dairy, it can often be a tough life. Dairy is in almost everything, often soy is the way to go for the lactose intolerant. But why should those who cannot stomach cow’s milk have to suffer the consequences by having to pay extra? It does not take an economist to figure that this is simply a money grab.

Of course soy has a slightly higher market price than regular cow’s milk in the supermarket, but do cafe owners really use their brain? Wouldn’t they reap the benefits of having regular, loyal lactose intolerant customers if they did not charge an extra average fifty cents for a small shot of milk?

Watch for a petition coming soon.

What is the most you have ever had to pay for soy milk? Does it put you off from visiting the cafe again? Let us know!

Happy Friday



 Hello food fanatics,

Welcome to IngrediEAT, a page created by two girls who love their carbs, dairy and great food in general. In fact, we love it so much that one day we were sitting down (drinking a milkshake) when we started wondering what life would be like without frozen yoghurt and toasted sandwiches. That’s when we realised that unfortunately, there are people who cannot eat these foods we take for granted every day.

1 in 100 Australians suffer from food allergies. Whether you are lactose allergic or have coeliac disease and cannot eat any wheat- restrictions are never any fun. But never fear because IngrediEAT is here! We are here to help you look on the bright side of your allergies. This blog will soon be filled with delicious gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, as well as tips on how you can best manage a lifestyle with your food allergies. We guarantee to teach you to be more ingredient savvy with your food and direct you to the best eateries with allergy-conscious menus. Hopefully your diet plans will be transformed into something so delicious that you will start thinking-“what allergies?”

For those who also just want to clean up you diets or lower your carb intake, this blog would be great for you as well. We are avid believers of the old adage “you are what you eat” and this plays a bit part in our attitude towards food.  This page will soon turn into an overload of healthy deliciousness and we hope that with each visit, your craving to go for a Macca’s run will slowly disappear.

Happy reading!