Have you recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease or lactose intolerance? You’re not alone, as 1 in 100 Australians suffer from food allergies.

Now, you basically have two options. You can prepare yourself for a life of misery and starvation, looking on in envy as your friends chow down on bread, cheese and ice-cream. Alternatively, you could become an avid reader of ingrediEAT- regularly checking out the latest news on your condition and delicious gluten and dairy free recipes. Our job is to provide you with an exciting range of delicious and safe-to-eat dishes, teach you to be more ingredient savvy with your food and direct you to restaurant and cafés with great allergy-conscious menu options.

For those of you with gluten or dairy intolerances or would merely like to clean up your diets, please feel equally welcome to embrace the ingrediEAT way of life.

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