We are excited to report that our petition to eliminate the soy milk surcharge in cafes and restaurants has already attracted 20 signatures. Thank you so much for your support guys! But remember, the more the merrier and we still need 80 more signatures before we can send the petition off to the ACTA. So, don’t be shy and add your signature using the link below- the sooner we get the cause out there, the sooner we can stop wasting our hard earned cash on a few drops of milk!


2 responses

  1. Signed the petition! Am so glad a campaign has finally addressed the discrimination involved against people who are intolerant to certain foods. Perhaps after we tackle this issue we can look to lowering the price of organic fruit and veg! Have a look at our blog post for more info on organic eating!

    1. Thanks for your support Jen! I’ve always been curious about the benefits of eating organic produce, so will check out your post now!


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