Sooooyyyy expensive!

Hi everyone!

As well as being food fanatics, Emma and I are openly professional havoc makers. But we think today we have some reason to be. Today I was having brunch (ricotta honeycomb pancakes with a big breakfast on the side) when I looked at the drinks menu for my caffeine hit. What did I see?



For those who are intolerant to dairy, it can often be a tough life. Dairy is in almost everything, often soy is the way to go for the lactose intolerant. But why should those who cannot stomach cow’s milk have to suffer the consequences by having to pay extra? It does not take an economist to figure that this is simply a money grab.

Of course soy has a slightly higher market price than regular cow’s milk in the supermarket, but do cafe owners really use their brain? Wouldn’t they reap the benefits of having regular, loyal lactose intolerant customers if they did not charge an extra average fifty cents for a small shot of milk?

Watch for a petition coming soon.

What is the most you have ever had to pay for soy milk? Does it put you off from visiting the cafe again? Let us know!

Happy Friday


3 responses

  1. This blog is spot on! I am a soy milk drinker and every time I go to a different cafe I see a different price for choosing to drink soy. The cafe I am loyal to charges 50 cents but others I have been to have ranged from 70 cents to a dollar. I can understand that soy might be more expensive for them to purchase but I completely agree with your idea that they can build a strong, loyal customer base if they decide not to charge extra. Looking forward to your petition because I hope over time this inconsistency does change and soy milk drinkers get to pay the same price for their coffee and drinks! Great blog 🙂


  2. Hey guys awesome blog! Totally agree. Also I think it relates to society and their view on healthy eating. How does society expect change in healthier eating when they charge us an arm and a leg for it?! Love the idea of the petition! Great work

  3. So true, it’s so annoying how we are price discriminated against through being intolerant to certain types of food. I would sign the petition for sure let me know when it comes out! Jen

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